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FAMILIES APPLYING- Why should you host? 

Providing accommodations for an international student affords many unique opportunities.

Lifelong Friendships

AmeriStudent host families and students develop meaningful relationships that often last long after the student has left.

Experience of a Lifetime

Inviting someone in to experience your family life and culture is a valuable opportunity to invest in a teenager and learn a new culture.

Earn a Monthly Income

Host families are given a generous monthly stipend to offset living costs of the international student.

24/7 Local Support

DRA Housing local managers and staff are available for emergency situations and routine ongoing support.


The application process is composed of 4 main steps:

1) Application Form: The first step is to fill out the application. Click here
2) Phone Interview: Our homestay manager will review your application and have and conduct a phone interview

3) In- Home Interview: A home inspection and interview will be conducted

4) Background check: We will conduct a thorough background check on all adults living in the home

If interested in becoming a host family in partnership with DRA Housing please read the FAQ and apply using the form to get started.

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