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FAMILIES APPLYING- Why should you host? 

Providing accommodation for an international student affords many unique opportunities. Becoming a host is an opportunity for a new cultural experience, one of the many reasons XX% of DRA Hosts choose to host again.

Lifelong Friendships

Host families and students develop meaningful relationships that often last long after the student has left.

Experience of a Lifetime

Inviting someone to experience your family life  is a valuable opportunity to share your culture and learn theirs.

Earn a Monthly Income

Host families are given a generous monthly stipend to offset living costs of the international student.

24/7 Local Support

DRA Housing local managers and staff are available 24/7 for any emergency situations as well as routine support.


The application process is composed of 4 main steps:

1) Application Form: The first step is to fill out the application. Click here
2) Phone Interview: Our homestay manager will review your application and have and conduct a phone interview

3) In-Home Interview: A home inspection and interview will be conducted

4) Background check: We will conduct a thorough background check on all adults living in the home

If interested in becoming a host family in partnership with DRA Housing please read the FAQ and apply using the form to get started.

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