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The following information has been provided to help you understand what it will be like hosting International Students through DRA HOUSING.

What is a homestay?
A homestay is a unique opportunity for a student to stay with an American family while learning English at a local school.

Do students who stay in homestays learn English faster?
Yes. By spending time with those who speak English, students are able to learn the language faster.

If I speak the same language as the student, should I converse with him/her in their language?
No. Because students are here to learn English, you should speak English in the home to help them learn the language.

What kind of room do I need to provide?
A private bedroom is the most commonly requested by students, but we also have requests for shared bedrooms.

What items need to be in the room?
Each student's room should contain a bed and bed linens, a desk/study area, dresser/closet, towels and a trashcan.

Does the student need his/her own bathroom?
Some host families offer the visitor their own bathroom and some offer bathroom facilities that are shared by the family/other students.

Do I need to provide meals for the student?
Yes. The host family will provide breakfast in a "serve yourself" style. Dinner is provided each night with the host family.

Do I need to buy special food?
No. You should continue to cook the same food you normally would when you have any other guest in your home.

Is the student permitted to make his or her own food?
Yes, with your permission.

Can I host more than one student at one time?
Yes, if you can provide a private bedroom for each student. If they request to live in a shared bedroom you may have up to 4 students in the home.

Do I need to provide a house key to the student?

Can the student watch television/movies etc.?

Should I allow the student to use the family's telephone?
The student may make local telephone calls from the homestay. All long distance calls must be made using a calling card.

Should I allow the student to use the family computer?
Yes, but only with your permission. Please make sure the student uses a local access number when they log on to the Internet to avoid long distance charges.

Can the student smoke in the home?
Yes, but only with your permission. Most host families will ask that student to smoke outside the house.

Can the student do his/her laundry in the home?
Yes. The host family should show the visitor where the laundry facilities are.

Should I take the student shopping/ out to restaurants?
You are not required to take the student anywhere. If you choose to ask them to join you, the student's usually like to join.

Will the student have a curfew?
Students do not usually have a curfew; however, if you have specific restrictions on time, you are allowed to implement it.

Do I need to be home whenever the student is home?
No. However, the student will have a better experience if you spend time with them.

Can the student have guests come to the homestay?
Yes, with your permission.

Can the student stay at a friend's home during the homestay?
Yes. We ask the student to notify the host family that they will be staying outside the homestay for the evening.

Can I contact you if there are any questions or concerns I have?
If there are any issues with the student report this to Kamo Housing immediately. Kamo Housing will assist you with any inquiries you may have.

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